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The Heart of Hospitality podcast spotlights the people and stories of the sector. Curated by Accor, the podcast series tells the stories of moments and lives in hospitality. Look out for Season 3 later in 2024.

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Hospitality is a people business and it matters because it has heart. Heart of Hospitality celebrates the moments and lives of people who make this industry so special – our Heartists®, the world of hospitality and beyond, curated by Accor.

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At Accor, we are all Heartists®. We are passionate about people and attentive to the world. Find out more about Accor, our culture and values, and how you can join more than 100,000 Heartists® at Accor Europe & North Africa.

Welcome to hospitality.

Hospitality is a business of people, passion, creativity, experience and talent. It is a sector built on infinite connected moments crafted by people for people. No two days, two people or two moments are the same in the hospitality industry, it is all unique and personal and that’s why it’s so special.

Thsi website is dedicated to the 1 in 10 people that work in hospitality business around the world; to the people who share their care, creativity and heart in the hospitality industry every day. We celebrate moments and lives at Accor and in the hospitality sector as a whole. Here are some of their stories.

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