Operational Manager, Mercure Den Haag Central (The Netherlands)

Sven Pinedo

Sven Pinedo's story

The industry has changed a lot since I joined as a student nine years ago, especially with the pandemic and use of technology. New generations are joining the workforce and their attitude to life is different, values are very important to them and they want the ethics of the company they work for to match theirs.

I always adhere to my values and I check that they are still relevant before I communicate these to my colleagues and the people I manage; I also ask them what is important to them. I am always challenging myself so that I know what knew skills I need to learn to meet my goals but I don’t forget my teams and I advise them to do the same, not to lose sight of themselves and what they want to achieve. Some people enjoy the position they have and are happy to continue to do that, and others need regular change. It is important to map out your career.

I like working with people at all levels. New guests come to the hotel throughout the year and there are those who come in once a week. Regular customers almost become friends, you know them by name and they are more than just revenue for the hotel; you build a connection over time and if their project ends and they stop coming, that leads to warm conversations because the hotel has become their home.

And it is the same with colleagues – you see them grow, develop and move on, both personally and professionally. Making those associations is an important part of the job.

I have worked in five or six properties in Accor over my nine years and my proudest moments were the things my colleagues said about how they enjoyed working with me and how much they learnt about themselves. I have kept all the cards I was given in a box because they mean so much more than parting gifts and if I am having a bad day, I can go through them and feel better.

Being a Heartist is being myself, sharing my enthusiasm for getting to know guests at a deeper level and using that knowledge to surprise them, to give them moments they can remember and cherish – and also for my colleagues.

To someone who has just joined the industry, I would say go for it! Be bold and don’t be afraid to be yourself, share what you like and use opportunities to your advantage; in the hospitality industry, everything you put into your job, you will get back, and you can only grow from there.

  • Sven Pinedo
  • Operational Manager
  • Mercure Den Haag Central (The Netherlands)

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