Technical Manager, Novotel & Ibis Wrocław Centrum (Poland)

Marcin Cichosz

Marcin Cichosz's story

I was inspired to go into hospitality when I came to Wrocław to go to university and started working part-time as a conference coordinator, which gave me opportunities for development and promotions. As a result, I gradually advanced to be a technical operations manager.

Before that, I used to work on business trips abroad in the construction and electrical sector but hospitality and Accor in particular give me wonderful opportunities for progression, the chance to travel and explore the world, and the possibility of meeting and working with fantastic people.

I am delighted to have got to where I am today and gratified that I had the courage to pursue growth in my career; I am proud of how I do my job and of the people I work with every day.

For me, being a Heartist® in Accor means working with passion and commitment, always putting guests first, creating unforgettable experiences, and paying attention to every detail to ensure the highest quality of service. A Heartist® is someone who puts their heart into their work, inspires others, and builds relationships based on trust and respect, always with a smile.

I would advise someone who is new to the industry to believe in themselves, not to give up easily, and to remain open-minded and adaptable because the hospitality industry can be full of surprises. It’s important to embrace changes and new experiences in life.

  • Marcin Cichosz
  • Technical Manager
  • Novotel & Ibis Wrocław Centrum (Poland)

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