Bellboy, Pullman Paris Montparnasse (France)

Babacar Mbaye

Babacar Mbaye's story

I wanted to go into hospitality because my entire family was in the sector. I’m from Senegal and my grandparents were among the first people to work at Club Med Cap Skirring; my father and my uncle were also working in hotels.

I came to France 12 years ago to do a master’s degree in sustainable tourism and I wanted to work in that area but I had some problems sorting out my papers to stay in France. Then one of my friends introduced me to someone in Pullman and that is how I started in hospitality. It was my destiny.

I am a bellboy and I put a smile on lots of faces – I love what I do. It’s not like a job, it’s a way for me to share my joy and happiness with people, my colleagues and customers.

There is sustainable development in every field but for the moment I can’t work in that area. It is my first job in this hotel. When I was in Senegal I did a bachelor’s degree in tourism and had an internship a local hotel.

What I like about Accor is that you can work everywhere. I was visiting my family in Senegal 10 days ago and was staying at the Novotel in Dakar like a tourist, and they welcomed me in the way I welcome people here in Pullman. It is like a family and since you are from Accor you are part of that family; everything is connected.

My proudest moment is when I help people. Yesterday I welcomed two people, a mother and daughter, to the hotel and they wanted to change their room. I moved them to another room on the same floor and they were so pleased. And every day there is a story like that, where you can help people and make a lovely story.

Hospitality is like therapy for me. You can learn so many things – talking with people, about their culture, and for me, hospitality is the way to learn more about people. Every day you have interaction with people, with your colleagues and customers; and the customers come from all over the world and they have their own culture, their own way of life. In hospitality you can learn a lot of things about people and places, it is the best way to get to know the world.

  • Babacar Mbaye
  • Bellboy
  • Pullman Paris Montparnasse (France)

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