Front Office Attendant & Team Buddy, Novotel Lisboa (Portugal)

Ruben Rodrigues

Ruben Rodrigues' story

When I was a child, I used to stay at the Novotel Lisboa with my family and I remember how much I enjoyed it. As I grew up, I realised I wanted to work in the hotel industry, and at the age of 15, I started to study hospitality at school and I gave presentations about Accor. I always identified with the company and I knew that, as a professional, I could contribute a lot to the company and the industry, which is why I wanted to work there.

When I was 19, I studied hotel management in Lisbon and had to do a professional internship, so I applied to Novotel Lisboa, where I was warmly welcomed – it was lovely to revisit the hotel where I had spent so many happy moments as a child.

Throughout the three months, I learnt a lot, like all my colleagues, and I realised this was the right path for me. I also worked as a travel agent and in food & beverage in another hotel but as a result of my internship working in reception at the Novotel, the assistant manager invited me to stay on at the Novotel Lisboa after finishing my course; that was a privilege.

Once I was there, I grew professionally; I am learning a lot about the front office and am also able to do cross-training in housekeeping, so I am learning about that department as well.

Accor encourages us to be ourselves, and I love that about the company; I don’t have to put on a front and I can enjoying connecting with people.

One of my proudest moments was when I was promoted to a more senior front office attendant and to team developer buddy, which allows me to welcome new colleagues on board and show them how to greet guests. I can also lead shifts because there isn’t always an assistant front office manager available. Every day, I work hard so that I ultimately can be a rooms director or general manager.

For me, being a Heartist® is to be able to be who I really am every day; working here is like belonging to a family and that is stronger than a company.

I advise anyone new to the industry, do your best every day and don’t worry about making mistakes because everyone does that and your colleagues will support you; it is important to keep trying!

  • Ruben Rodrigues
  • Front Office Attendant & Team Buddy
  • Novotel Lisboa (Portugal)

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