Reservations Manager, Novotel Kraków Centrum and ibis Kraków Centrum (Poland)

Teresa Tracz

Teresa Tracz's story

I was 20 when I finished hotel school. I started working as a receptionist in the first ibis in Krakow and quickly realized I had a lot to learn about hospitality and operations procedures, as well becoming more proficient in the English language, even start University. It was a lovely time, as I was entering adulthood, to work in that environment, to meet other young people, and to interact with waiters and receptionists at work and socially

After several years, I joined the reservations department and eventually became reservations manager. Then I moved to a higher standard property, a Novotel, as reservations manager, as well as a cluster reservations manager for two 4-star hotels in different locations.

I learnt everything I could about the job, which was exciting and stimulating, and it put me in a strong position to support new employees. Everyone in the hotel industry should feel passionate about their job; they should respond to guests’ requirements and that will feed their own satisfaction.

Any promotion at work, like moving up from a line position to becoming a manager, is satisfying and builds up your self-confidence. Accor puts a lot of effort into developing employees’ careers and I have benefitted from that. My proudest moment is when our employees are promoted – that is wonderful!

I also greatly appreciated the invitation to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my working for Accor. It took place at the Sofitel in Warsaw and was a memorable moment for me.

The atmosphere and culture of the hospitality industry are warm and embracing, and because of that it is not like coming to work. I would advise anyone new to the sector to be professional, to listen to their peers who are more experienced, skilled and who show you good practice. And never worry about asking questions – it is how you learn and even find new – and better – ideas.

The most important and powerful thing is to combine courage with self-confidence, and that will come from hours, days and months of work and commitment. And do not forget your sense of humour; smile at your colleagues and guests, and support your peers.

Having work-life balance is crucial; it is important to have interesting things to do outside the hotel, to relax, read and more; it gives you a broader view and that makes work more interesting and helps develop your career. Enjoy life! And be yourself – and always be positive, which I am, and be thoughtful and aware as well.

  • Teresa Tracz
  • Reservations Manager
  • Novotel Kraków Centrum and ibis Kraków Centrum (Poland)

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