Sales Manager, Novotel Bucharest City Centre & Mercure Bucharest Unirii (Romania)

Vlad Iacoban

Vlad Iacoban's story

I joined hospitality as a necessity because I was between jobs; I had worked in trade shows and exhibitions for four years and it seemed a good idea to continue in events. I saw an ad for a job in large hotel in Bucharest, part of a local chain, and applied and when I got the position, I started as an event coordinator.

Before that, I was in exhibitions and worked for a company that organised trade shows in Bucharest; they started in a variety of sectors and then they focused on defense and security. I worked abroad with them, too, in Kuwait and Split, Croatia, where they were the company’s first shows outside Romania.

It was interesting to travel to other countries and to work with people you didn’t know, to count on them. It was difficult in Croatia, where not everyone spoke English well at that time, so it was tough to make things work; I had to rely on a handful of people to ensure my message was understood correctly. Working in Kuwait was easier because it was an exhibition complex and there were constructors on site who had everything there.

I love working with people, interacting with everyone during an event. Coming from a local chain that was only in Bucharest to a worldwide chain like Accor was something I had wanted to do for a while. After six and a half years in the same place, when I got the chance to move to Novotel Bucharest City Centre, it was a dream come true; in sports terms, it was like moving up a league.

When you have worked in a local chain and you have seen everything in your location it was easier to make the transition because where I was before was a large property with 489 rooms and 25 meeting rooms; this hotel is a bit smaller but not without its challenges.

I have had many proud moments but in the hotel business, big events are challenging to manage because they attract a large number of participants and it makes you proud when you have the satisfaction of finalising everything in good order and receiving positive feedback. It is a proud moment when you can see the results of dedication and hard work, and the client is satisfied.

To be a Heartist® was a new concept to me but it means working with colleagues from different departments to make things happen and sharing the same values and desire to create the best experiences for our guests.

I urge anyone new in the industry to work with passion as this will drive you make all your goals. Take the opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills because the ability to interact with people is important in hospitality. This sector is the perfect way to advance your career; I had colleagues who started as a bellboy and ended up as a director of sales. Everything is possible if you want it.

  • Vlad Iacoban
  • Sales Manager
  • Novotel Bucharest City Centre & Mercure Bucharest Unirii (Romania)

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