Deputy Front Office Manager, Mercure Warszawa Ursus Station (Poland)

Aleksander Kawiarowski

Aleksander Kawiarowski's story

I have been in hospitality for five years; it was my first job after graduating from high school and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after graduation. Working at the hotel front desk was an accident and very quickly became my passion. That’s why after the first year, I decided to start studying to develop in this sector.

What I appreciate most about hospitality is the contact with people and teamwork. It’s amazing how people with completely different characters can form a well coordinated team and work together across departments for the good of the hotel. Working for Accor allows me to fulfill my travel dreams and at the same time, I have the opportunity to see how hotels around the world work.

For me, being a Heartist® means being kind and helpful to both hotel guests and my team. Working in hospitality is my passion, and I think that’s one of the key elements of being a Heartist®.

My proudest moment in my career was the day when my hard work and engagement were appreciated, and that was my first promotion. That happened at a very young age, which gave me the motivation to develop and grow. As a result, I continue to set higher and higher goals for myself.

My advice to those new to the industry, especially these days, is to go beyond the prescribed framework, your job definition. Show willingness and enthusiasm; with hard work and commitment, you can achieve a lot.

  • Aleksander Kawiarowski
  • Deputy Front Office Manager
  • Mercure Warszawa Ursus Station (Poland)

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