Receptionist, Novotel den Haag City Centre (The Netherlands)

Skip Waslander

Skip Waslander's story

I have worked in hospitality since I was 15 and I’m now 21. I started with a breakfast team and worked myself up to the evening shift, which I could do once I was 16. It was in the Netherlands but not at Accor.

I started in hospitality as an intern for just two weeks and that is how I discovered I like to be with people and talk to them; I want to give them experiences.

The great thing about being with Accor is that you can work in other hotels; next week I will be at a Mercure. I really love the team and you can learn a lot through the teaching programme and by observation.

I’m always happy; I want to give guests and colleagues a positive feeling and I hope that being around me puts them in a good mood. I’m on show all the time and when people come into the hotel, I’m the first face they see.

It is difficult to say what being a Heartist means to me. I want to ensure guests get a really good experience and that they feel our warm welcome and happy atmosphere are real, not fake; it also means looking after my colleagues because I’m working in a team.

My proudest moment was recently when there was a lady in the hotel who was sick. She was booked in for a month and she had to go to see her doctor in Kuwait. My team and I took care of her; we wanted her to feel she was at home not in a hotel and we did our best to cancel any bookings without any cost to her so that she could book a flight to her own country. It was quite emotional. We haven’t heard whether she is OK but I see they are coming back in three months, so I think she is.

To anyone looking for their first job, if you like working with people, definitely join hospitality – it is fun, every day is different and it gives you broad experience.

For my own career, I would like to work my way up at Accor. I have now received my first full-time contract and the next step is to become a supervisor. My ultimate goal is to become a General Manager of an Accor hotel. I want to grab every opportunity I get.

  • Skip Waslander
  • Receptionist
  • Novotel den Haag City Centre (The Netherlands)

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