Assistant Sales, Quality & Project Manager, Mercure Hotel Hannover City (Germany)

Sascia Mussmann

Sascia Mussmann's Story

During high school I supported the Head of Service as an Assistant and gained experience at the Hannover Congress Centrum. It was during these years that I discovered my passion for serving guests and making them happy. I was especially fascinated by the opportunities to work internationally and learn on the job.

In the spring of 2019, shortly after finishing school, I started my dual undergraduate degree at the IU Internationale Hochschule. I chose the specialization in tourism and management and until today have been with my undergraduate programme partner, Mercure Hotel Hannover City. I love that I have been able to gain valuable insight into multiple areas of operations, such as Front Office, Housekeeping, Accounting and Events.

Completing a dual undergraduate degree has given me a chance to connect the dots between theoretical implications and the actual impact on a company quickly. To me, it feels very hands-on and, at the same time, explorative, which I really enjoy. It prepares you step by step for your future working life in a safe, supporting environment.

I mostly enjoy working in this international environment and getting to meet various people from different backgrounds. Aside from that, no day is the same and one has to adapt flexibly – it is always exciting.

Hospitality gives the opportunity to show your personality, realize ideas and contribute to the overall service experience. It is wonderful to see how you can impact the whole atmosphere for both team and guests by just showing up, putting in passionate work, and just being kind. Working closely with colleagues and guests and making their stay unforgettable is simply a very self-fulfilling job.

Where do I see myself in the future? I definitely want to work within management – potentially covering areas such as project management, sales, and quality assurance. Fingers crossed that this might become reality soon!

  • Sascia Mussmann
  • Assistant Sales, Quality & Project Manager
  • Mercure Hotel Hannover City (Germany)