Gastronomy Manager, Mercure Poznań Centrum (Poland)

Maria Przybylska

Maria Przybylska's story

As an F&B manager I am responsible for all outlets in the hotel – restaurants, confectionery, conferences and banquets. I also work with the chefs and pastry chefs when they create menus or introduce new items to the pastry shop or in the restaurants.

I have been responsible for companies’ food offering and culinary schools for many years, where I take part in workshops. And I train students during their internships in the hotel; I am also on the judging panel in cooking competitions.

It is exciting to work with young people; each new generation is fully of questions about the industry and what they should do. I love watching them work and develop; I enjoy showing them how interesting, exciting and creative the profession is, and how many development opportunities there are. And I take pleasure in introducing them to the latest trends, as their textbooks are often out of date.

We have a big problem recruiting new people, which is why promoting our profession is so important. Accor cares about the quality of our service, how we treat our guests and how we prepare the young generations coming into the industry, which is why I do so much outside the company.

We always have a lot of interns and students who come in once a week, and some from France and Spain who stay for a month or two. At the moment, I have 12 students from the culinary school whom we train on breakfast service, conferences and restaurants, and how to prepare a menu. We show them how interesting and creative the job is because we need young people in the profession. For many years I have welcomed students in April from Brittany. We teach them high standards, and I’m proud they want an internship in our hotel.

My job is very interesting; I love all aspects of it such as cooperating with front office and housekeeping. We meet the expectations of our guests and surprise them. Nowadays, people don’t collect things, they collect experiences, and it is our opportunity and responsibility to give them memories, to participate in moments that are important to them. Among our guests we have celebrities and heads of state; it is very exciting. I am always happy to meet people and tell them what we can do for them.

Being a Heartist is being able to recognise the expectations of our guests. Sometimes it is enough to make a reservation for them, make a sandwich for someone who arrives late, or prepare something for their dog that they can’t find in the shops. It is also about mutual respect and empathy for colleagues and students. If we are happy in our work our guests see it and are also happy.

I have had a lot of proud moments in my career but I am particularly proud that I had the chance to work with chefs Michel Roth and Serge Goularèz, when we prepared a gala dinner in our hotel for a big company; everything was beautiful and perfect, and our guests were impressed.

I always tell young people looking for a first job, hospitality is never boring, it is creative and inspiring. Every day we can make new dishes and check trends in other restaurants, and we can travel around the world because Accor has hotels in many countries; we can live our dreams.

  • Maria Przybylska
  • Gastronomy Manager
  • Mercure Poznań Centrum (Poland)

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