Pastry Chef, Novotel Budapest City (Hungary)

Emese Pagony

Emese Pagony's story

I entered a national desert competition as I was eager to measure my pastry knowledge and skills with other professionals. I also wanted to challenge myself and see where I stand. I could not believe that I won! It’s a great sense of recognition.

The secret to making a perfect desert or cake is many hours of practicing and learning. For this specific creation, the William pear liquor is certainly a secret weapon too!

My road to the kitchen and pastry making started in childhood. I always wanted to work in a pastry shop, because my grandmother was an amazing pastry chef and my dream is to follow her path.

I started to work for Accor in 2021 as a pastry trainee. Once I finished with the school program, I was enrolled as a full timer pastry chef at the Novotel Budapest City in August of 2023, so only a few months ago. I mostly enjoy the creative part of my job. I also very much enjoy challenging myself and creating something special.

The greatest thing to be proud of myself is when I received positive feedbacks from more experienced chefs and from the guests of course.

I haven’t had a long career at the hotel yet, but I have a nice memory to share. Once in the hotel I noticed a little girl who was sad, and I realised it was because there were no cupcakes on the buffet. So I quickly went back to the kitchen and made a few cupcakes for her, right there and then and made her smile again!

  • Emese Pagony
  • Pastry Chef
  • Novotel Budapest City (Hungary)

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