Cluster Sales Manager, Novotel Bucharest City Centre & Mercure Bucharest Unirii (Romania)

Corina Matei

Corina Matei's story

I joined Novotel in 2021 after the lockdown; we are a cluster hotel and now I’m based in Novotel and working also for Mercure Unirii as well.

It is not difficult to sell hotels that are different brands, the skills are the same, I do not have to do anything differently; the passion is all that matters. And it adds variety to the job because Mercure is a quiet hotel with 95 rooms and Novotel it`s bigger, 258 rooms and with many meeting spaces. There are 100 people on the team at Novotel and 40s in Mercure Bucharest Unirii.

My job it`s related to events and sales account management. I’m learning a lot from the people I’ve met and meet every day because from each one I have learnt a lesson. So after each event ends, I take a step forward.

I started in hospitality in 2008 and if before joining Accor I had the heart, after I joined Accor, I gained the artist, so in this way I became a Heartist; this means doing your job from the heart and putting passion into everything you do.

After I joined Accor, I was afraid I would not get to where I wanted to be because in my previous jobs, we did not have so many procedures. However, with all the trainings we have in Accor, I am proud of what I become because I have met so many new people and learnt so much.

In hospitality, every day is different, it is like a challenge. If I have one message for someone new in hospitality industry, it is this: if you like to work with people, hospitality is a good option. Working with people makes you feel good, especially when you receive positive feedbacks, you know you are doing your job right.

  • Corina Matei
  • Cluster Sales Account Manager
  • Novotel Bucharest City Centre & Mercure Bucharest Unirii (Romania)

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