F&B Manager, Novotel Szeged (Hungary)

Tibor Szel

Tibor Szel's Story

It was easier to start in hospitality when I was still young. Before I entered this world, I graduated from technical school, which was completely different but I felt it didn’t suit me. When I started in hospitality, I faced many new and interesting tasks and built myself up step by step. Then I did some training and got a diploma in the subject.

Working in a fishing tavern was definitely a great opportunity because it gave me a chance to look deeper into each department; I was in charge of the restaurant, kitchen and maintenance. The time I spent in that restaurant gave me a really good opportunity to become a more qualified and valuable person at Accor.

The funniest moment in my career was when we accidentally gave a dentist graduation cake to a lady celebrating her 70th birthday. She joked that she wasn’t struggling with her teeth yet. That happened in a downtown restaurant in Szeged, where I worked as a waiter for nine years. My ex colleagues still tease me about that.

I am happiest when a guest is happy, when I can put a smile on someone’s face. I also like the networking opportunities. I have built strong friendships through my decades in hospitality and have enjoyed the chance to broaden and deepen my knowledge of winemaking.

To someone newly in the sector, I would say patience, humility, precision! Maybe we need to remind ourselves from time to time, but these characteristics are really important in hospitality.  Also, it is very important that we put ourselves in the guest’s shoes so that we can provide a service we would like to receive.

And to someone looking for a first job, if you love your work, you can provide kind and memorable moments to guests, which will give joy, and that feeling will give you energy after a long and hard day. Also, hospitality is a great opportunity to socialise – you will get to know many people and build great connections.

  • Tibor Szel
  • F&B Manager
  • Novotel Szeged (Hungary)