Director of Sales, Mercure Budapest City Centre (Hungary)

Flóra Szegedi

Flóra Szegedi's story

I started in hospitality as I studied tourism and hotel management in college. I was not sure in high school yet where my carrier would take me, when one of my teachers suggested she could see me in hospitality, so I looked into it, and one of my sister’s class mates started the course and I learned about why she was passionate about hospitality. Also, the possibility of travelling; I’m sure love of travel is one of the things we all have in common in hospitality and I would have in my future job what I loved doing in my free time!

Once I was accepted on the course, it was a clear career path for me. I had an internship with Accor in my last year of college and then I had the opportunity to come back as an employee.

I have been in Head Office for more than ten years and there have been a lot of changes. During my time with Accor, we have gone through three or four reorganisations, so I have experienced a lot of systems; in Hungary, we have been part of the Central European Team, the Eastern European team, the Northern European team, and that brought someone new to report to.

Accor is continually changing and developing. These changes are not negative, they brought the opportunity to progress, to learn something new and to see things from another perspective. My colleagues and I sometimes joke about that we have already seen four different Accor logos through the years.

Of the segments of sales – corporate, leisure, MICE – MICE is dynamic and adventurous, no group is the same. I love that in meetings & events you can see immediate results and you have the chance establish long term partnerships with clients to work on multiple different groups and events. Everything moves on every day; you gain a lot of energy from your successes and you get the chance to work on new opportunities and to win business – it is always challenging and different.

For someone who does not like to be bored, go for the meetings segment. You meet clients from a variety of sectors and there is pressure every day but I like to work at 110%! I am now responsible for sales for the whole hotel, so I’m looking at other segments but my heart is still with MICE.

You do tourism and hospitality with your heart. Each of us is passionate about what we are doing and that is the most important thing. Days can be challenging, guests can be challenging, clients are always challenging, but if you are truly passionate about what you are doing, you will enjoy every day. Every positive review and client feedback, will inspire you to go above and beyond; it will give you great motivation to enjoy your work and love what you are doing.

For anyone who likes working with people, hospitality is the best option! Now, when many people are still working from home, they rarely see their colleagues. In hospitality, there is excellent team spirit; it’s a great opportunity to work with people and to be part of a larger network in a hotel and within Accor. It’s can be really beneficial for anyone who can get their energy from the positive reactions of the people around them.

  • Flóra Szegedi
  • Director of Sales
  • Mercure Budapest City Centre (Hungary)

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